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FOG (FCD) Condition Assessment

FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) sticks to sewer pipes and hardens, blocking wastewater flow and clogging sewer pipes. This can cause sewers to overflow and has become a major problem for Miami-Dade County's sewer system. If you are a food-service establishment in Miami-Dade County, FOG management is part of your regular maintenance. If you are opening a restaurant or your food-service project is proposing to use Existing FOG Control Devices you must have a FOG (FCD) Condition Assessment completed for each tank/unit.

Under the Department of Environmental Resources Management, Miami-Dade County, Florida's (DERM) FOG Control Program, a FOG (FCD) Condition Assessment must be made for Existing Gravity FOG Control Devices and Existing Hydromechanical FOG Control Devices. The FOG (FCD) Condition Assessment for Existing Gravity or Hydromechanical devices must be made if your project is proposing to use existing FOG Control Devices. The condition assessments must be certified by a professional engineer or Licensed Plumber. Grand Plumbing is a Florida State Certified Licensed Plumbing Contractor and can assist you in completing the FOG (FCD) Condition Assessment for either Gravity or Hydromechanical devices.

Not only can Grand Plumbing assist in completing the DERM FOG (FCD) Condition Assessment, but we can also assist with regular grease trap services and maintenance.

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